Activities and Achievement


The corporate goal of HiTech-Iraq is to be a reliable source to communications users – one that enhances the level of service and meets the increasing needs of the telecommunications industry… and HiTech is up to the challenge! Let our team build the bridge between your business and the opportunities of tomorrow. HiTech-Iraq provides a broad base of experience in all disciplines including:

  • Radio/Network Engineering.
  • Cellular Communication, Cell Phone.
  • Antennae and Tower Site Acquisition & Development.
  • Wireless / Microwave/Satellite Engineering.
  • VHF / UHF Radio.
  • Cellular / PCN (GSM, iDem, CDMA, TDMA).
  • Spread Spectrum Radio Applications.
  • Tower Antenna System Integration.
  • RFI / EMI and Intermodulation (IM) Studies.
  • Network Testing / Commissioning and Optimization.

Installation of 300+ VSAT’s in different localities in Iraq (2003-2005) with Dalya-Sat company

HiTech-Iraq is the first ISP in Baghdad after 2003. We are establish shared and dedicated connection for distributed client over all area of Iraq.
Many type of Modems COMTECH, I Direct,Huges, and Motorola was used to provide our customer. Currently we support many contractor in the south area with complete VSAT solution for oil company.

We had supply VOIP and video conference solution for MoD with Barco company as apart of C4I project.

IT infrastructure and networking for the Neural System Hospital in Baghdad (2004).

This project is the first modernization for Ministry of Health infrastructure. More than 30 Node have been connecting to share all document,CT scan Data, real time chatt,…etc. The capacity of dedicated link is 10Mbps, with QoS.

Design and turn-key solution for Sama Net company for ISP infrastructure cover 5 governorate Karbalah, Nasirya, Diyala,Diwanya, and Baghdad (2013-2014).